We are a family run business with 3 young children so have plenty of experience on how soft water can help a busy family. With less time spent cleaning and the cost benefits with everyday products lasting up to 75% longer it has been a real benefit to our household.

The benefits are not just what you can see like scale removal and no scum on your sinks and baths, it is also what it is doing inside of your plumbing and boilers. Already built up scale will be gradually removed with the introduction of soft water. Your pipework, boiler and any appliance that comes into contact with soft water will descale as well as last longer, increasing the life of appliances by over a third.

Hi I’m Sam


I take the incoming calls so it is likely you will speak to me when you get in touch. I also look after the admin and marketing side of the business.

Hi I’m Tim


I will look forward to explaining how a water softener can benefit your household. If you wish for a water softener to be installed I will personally come and fit your water softener at your conveinience. I pride myself on doing a neat job and working in a tidy manor and leaving you with all of the information you need to enjoy your soft water. The beauty of the product is once installed all you have to do it fill it with salt, there are no other instructions.

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