The most eco-friendly water softener on the market – the NEW TwinTec Cobalt is made from 62% recycled materials, reducing our plastic usage by 38%.

A TwinTec eliminates limescale from your home and is compact enough to fit under your kitchen sink. The Cobalt is the smallest non-electric water softener and only regenerates when necessary, saving energy and lowering running costs. Rigorously tested over British standards at 1 million cycles, you have the confidence it is the most reliable water softener.

Enjoy luxuriously softened water all day, every day.

The benefits of softened water

  • Limescale free kitchen and bathroom
  • Longer lasting appliances
  • Scale free pipes and boiler
  • Less time and money spent cleaning

Introducing the i-Lid app

Our i-Lid app shows your salt levels so that you can quickly see exactly how much is left and when you can top up, meaning that you never have to manually check again, and won’t run the risk of running out.

You can also switch on notifications. They will alert you when you can top up with salt, when you need to replace batteries, or if there’s any other issue that needs your attention, such as the lid being left open or if your WiFi is disconnected.

To make things even more convenient, you can also order salt directly from the app, and access support at the touch of a button.

The TwinTec i-Lid comes with 3 years warranty as standard. Giving you peace of mind.

TwinTec Cobalt i-lid app

TwinTec Cobalt Specification


Height: 487 mm
Width: 202 mm
Depth: 438 mm


3,000 litres of softened water per day


Time required: 11 minutes (approx)
Salt used per regeneration: 300 g
Water used per regeneration: 17 litres

Water pressure

1-10 bar
(PRV recommended from 6 bar)
Maximum peak flow rate
56 l/m

Curved Block salt

The cabinet of the Cobalt has been cleverly designed to be able to fit the maximum amount of salt due to the salt block being a unique curved shape. Not only do you get more salt in the chamber but with the mini curved blocks they are even easier to handle due to the lighter weight. Refilling your salt becomes much easier as you only need enough room for a half block to keep it topped up.

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