TwinTec XL2 water softener Kent

The TwinTec XL2 has the same excellent water softening abilities as the TwinTec Cobalt, but is for larger properties, with 4 or more bathrooms, or commercial properties with a high water usage. It has a separate salt cabinet which takes 6 blocks of salt at a time.

Enjoy luxuriously softened water all day, every day.

The benefits of softened water

  • Limescale free kitchen and bathroom
  • Longer lasting appliances
  • Scale free pipes and boiler
  • Less time and money spent cleaning

TwinTec XL2 Specification


Height: 500 mm
Width: 250 mm
Depth: 440 mm


6,444 litres of softened water per day


Time required: 20 minutes (approx)
Salt used per regeneration: 0.9-1300 g
Water used per regeneration: 37 litres

Water pressure

1-8 bar
(PRV recommended from 6 bar)
Maximum peak flow rate
80 l/m

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