The taste of tap water varies greatly and many people now use jug filters or buy bottled water to improve the taste and odour of the water they drink. A TwinTec filter provides an easy and user friendly alternative at a lower cost. This neat unit will remove the unpleasant tastes and odours such as chlorine, and provide you with great tasting water from a separate drinking water tap.

Fits neatly under your sink

Having a filter requires very little space and our installers will keep all parts and fittings neat and tidy under your sink.

How does it work?

TwinTec filters work by treating tap water with activated carbon. This carbon is pre treated with extremely high temperatures to activate it so that it is able to absorb large amounts of impurities, (Detailed information on the absorption of individual impurities can be found here). After a period of time the carbon becomes saturated. The key TwinTec feature is the ease of the cartridge replacement.

Twintec Drinking Water Filter

A new cartridge is sent to you every year. You simply unscrew and throw away the old one, screw in the new one, and continue using the filter for another year. It is that simple. No jugs, no bottles, just two minutes of your time once a year.

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