TwinTec Water Softener reviews, Kent

Find out why TwinTec customers are delighted with their water softener and why it’s the best thing they ever did!

“Speedy and efficient”

Thanks for sorting out this installation with both speed and efficiency, please pass on my thanks to Tim, he handled the whole operation in a very professional manner, his warm, friendly, confident and ‘can do’ attitude was greatly appreciated.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you guys to anyone. I was genuinely impressed by Tim’s attention to detail, he was refreshingly ‘old school’, inspiring
confidence in that he obviously knows his trade, a very safe pair of hands!

Weedon, Challock

“Better than my old water softener”

This is one of the best water softeners on the market as far as I am concerned, so easy to maintain so quite and blocks of salt easier to handle than 25kg bags of salt. Fitting of this machine was so quick with no trouble done in 2 hours. I have never been so impressed with such a fantastic piece of equipment.

“Great Water Softener”

I have had a TwinTec for several years during which time it has functioned without fault. It was installed by a very nice plumber supplied by the company and all completed in a short time, all without the need of an electical connection. Replacing the salt is simplicity itself.

“Kind to your skin”

The water softener has been very good for the entire family. The skin is appearing much softer.

“Superbly happy and very satisfied with all aspects”

I had thought for a number of years about purchasing a water softener why oh why did I not buy one all those years ago I feel I have missed out. No more viacal, harpic, or other descaling products. Less soap to buy, what a winner this product is. Everything to like nothing to dislike.

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