Softened water offers many benefits to you and your home, all made accessible with a TwinTec Cobalt Water Softener.

Spend less time cleaning

If limescale has built up around your home, you’ll likely be investing a lot of time and money into cleaning products.

Softened water prevents this build up. You will no longer need to use harsh chemical products that hard water homes require. Many of our customers also say their cleaning time has been greatly reduced.

Money Saving

A TwinTec Water Softener will improve the efficiency of your hot water system. Softened water will remove the build up of existing hard water minerals in your pipes, making your boiler more efficient.

Appliances like your kettle, washing machine and dishwasher will all benefit from softened water, and will prolong their lifespan.

Shinier home

Scale will disappear from taps and surfaces to uncover beautiful surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom keeping them looking brand new.

Kinder to your skin

New research has revealed the link between hard water and skin conditions like eczema. Scientists at the University of Sheffield and King’s College London, have proved that hard water damages the skin, raising the risk of infection and potentially contributing to the development of eczema.

Longer lasting appliances

With softened water scale will slowly diminish, extending the lifespan of appliances. With no hidden limescale build up in appliances and pipes you will save money on costly maintenance or breakdowns.

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